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Richard Farb

Brevard Concealed Carry Class Permit


Richard Farb
VP/ Instructor/Insured/NRA RSO

I want to be part of a movement in the United State to influence others in gun safety, personal defense, shooting for enjoyment and protecting our 2nd Amendment rights.  I believe that by creating a non-threatening and comfortable class environment, I will be able to impact more people and ultimately save lives. 

My journey to become a firearm Instructor is very simple.  I was not raised around guns, have a military background, or even considered even owning a gun until recently.  A few years ago, a gentleman in our Church suggested we do a social event at a local gun range to introduce those of us who were interested in shooting to try it out.  My wife and I attended the event and after a short explanation of guns, hit the range and each shot a box of ammo.  To say the least, we did not enjoy the experience and decided guns and going to the range was never going to be something we wanted to do in the future. 

Recently, I felt the need to learn more about personal responsibility of self-defense for not only myself but also my family.  The more I learned, the more I became convinced I wanted my Concealed Carry License and become proficient with a gun.   I knew that when seconds count, only I could stop a deadly threat to myself.

I gave my family a Christmas gift of an NRA class held at our local gun range that qualified us to obtain our CCW license.  A switch was turned on for each of us at that class.  Once we understood how to safely handle a firearm and shoot as well as the legal issues we were hooked.   We now have family time at the range on a regular bases and love training together.   Situational awareness has become a competitive exercise between us and we all feel better prepared to defend ourselves if the situation ever arises to do so.



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